Adventist programs on dating

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Adventist programs on dating

The administrative offices of the club require that trained people are occupying the function.

The General Conference Youth Department instructs that preferably leaders be invested - 18 years old, who have completed the "Class Leader" - or at least they are fulfilling the requirements of the Class Leader.

On a broader scope is the local coordination of Pathfinder fields (missions, associations, unions and divisions), which, as well as regional, has the mandate to coordinate activities that require more planning, As part of the official program, physical activity is valued, per the philosophy of the club stating that "juveniles (between 10 and 15 years) are at a stage of growth and very rapid physical development." Various activities such as hiking, jungle trails, cycling, mountaineering, among others, have highlighted the activities of the department.

Even traditional activities of the regular meeting, as the united order, cherish the physical aspect, combined with the mental development.

The name was adopted for the program "Youth Club - Missionary Volunteer".

Between 9–11 October 1953, the Southern Association of New England promoted the first Pathfinder Camporee in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.

The educational philosophy of the club, also emphasized that youth learn more effectively in a positive, happy and secure atmosphere.

This is an integral part of working with youth, and establishes the concepts (or second tripod) of "citizenship and loyalty" which are three: to serve God, the homeland, and others.In 1929 for the first time the name "pathfinder" was used on a schedule of juvenile SDA activities.The Association of Southern California promotes a camp for Youth Missionary Volunteers, and entitles the camp "Pathfinder".According to the Pathfinder club manual, the focus on it is explained because "young people between 10 and 15 years old are at a stage of growth and very rapid physical development.".According to the philosophy of the club activities involving action, adventure, challenge and group activities "provide opportunities for the development of new attitudes and skills that produce personal growth, team and community spirit," which yet according to philosophy of the program, part of the tripod of "citizenship and loyalty" that preaches respect for "God, His creation, and His church." With this is expected to develop high moral principles, attitudes of love, care and determination, these startling in all the activities.

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The same Association (Southern California) in 1946 unilaterally formalizes and sponsors the program, with its first prototype recognized club being tested in Riverside, California.