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Presumably the major portion of this precipitation-induced weathering occurred prior to the onset of the current and regime exhibited at Giza On the Sakkara Plateau, some ten miles (sixteen kilometers) to the south of Giza, there are fragile mud-brick structures, mastabas, that are indisputably dated to the First and Second dynasties-presumably several hundred years earlier than the standard dating of the Sphinx-that exhibit no evidence of the precipitation-weathering features seen in the Sphinx enclosure.

As noted above, well-documented Old Kingdom tombs at Giza, cut from the identical sequence of limestones as the body of the Sphinx, exhibit well-developed wind-weathering features, but lack significant weathering which is precipitation-induced.

It is found to any significant degree on only the oldest structures there, such as on the Sphinx body and the walls of the Sphinx enclosure.

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No other geologists at this time have come up with the same data as Schoch. Schwaller de Lubicz , who's research and data is actually quite fascinating and can be read in a formal review, As presently viewed, the Great Sphinx presents the image of a leonine body bearing a human head in a nemes head-dress.

Based on my field observations of the granite ashiars and the underlying limestone core blocks, I believe that the core blocks in both temples were exposed to the elements and underwent considerable weathering and erosion before the granite facings were installed.

In places the backs of the granite blocks were cut in irregular, undulating patterns so that they complemented or matched the irregular weathering patterns on the limestone blocks which they were used to refurbish.

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C.), and a less and climate along the Nile as late as 2350 B. (with relatively wetter conditions and unusually high Nile inundations recorded sporadically during historical times).[ Thus, on the basis of the climatic history outlined above, one might tentatively suggest that the Great Sphinx was sculpted in very early dynastic times, or in the Predynastic Period (late-Fourth Millennium or earliest-Third Millennium B. However, one must account for the considerable weathering that appears on the walls of the Sphinx hollow, on the body of the sculpture itself, and on the walls of its associated temples-weathering that was possibly covered up or repaired during the Old Kingdom (ca. These latter considerations suggest the possibility that the initial carving of the Great Sphinx may have taken place several millennia earlier than its standard attribution.

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