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Follow everything I tell you, then may God have mercy.” He told me to have sunshine every morning, to go grounding, and then drink Omega 3, have vitamin injection every other day with Vitamin B Complex.

As I was prescribed some medicine supposedly to melt cholesterol, I did not take them. However, I tried not to raise my heart rate to 122 beats per minute – just at 120 bpm. It also happened that it was the 50 Anniversary of Bro.

The brethren gathered in one place – they of different colors, and their flags all the more showed their diversity. During our time in 1998, the Born Again Movement was going strong since the early 90’s, so most of my relatives became Born Again members. Like the slogan that says, “To get rid of drugs, get into sports.” But that is not true! Then the members are really sincere in their worship. Actually, I never felt like I was a visitor at Pacheco hence I went for indoctrination. But I already wanted to get baptized as the doctrines sounded basic. That was where they were attending church services. I was already of the right age; besides, I am through with college. By this time I was running – exercising on a treadmill. They would stop you because you are being monitored. I could see the same faces that got affiliated in 1998 and now went abroad. I remember the prophecy of many nations gathering for Christ. They have the summary of the Bible with them, how they behave, how they do things, how they talk always with wisdom. The electrodes attached to an EKG monitor charts your heart’s activity during the test. Normally, they would stop the patient if they can see abnormalities on the screen. I walked up the mountain path for the opening prayer. I was noticing things that were not quite ordinary. On the left side facing the stage were the Brazilians and on the right were the Latin Americans, and then the Filipinos. From the stage, the sight was somewhat overwhelming, stupefying, amazing! Out of nowhere, he would suddenly say, “Remember, everything starts from small things.” But I am just lighting a fire! “The universe started from…” Now and then, he would be shouting his thoughts like this. What I have read in Food Network, he had been telling me those much earlier. It’s good we have access to Cable and the more I appreciate that the wisdom Bro. The advice of the doctor was this: “Don’t play sports. Unless you go for angiogram, you have to be careful.” As defined, an angiogram will show that the arteries to your heart are narrowed or blocked, where the blockages are located, and the size of whatever blockage.

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The April 5-7 Thanksgiving in South America had allowed brethren from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Peru, and Venezuela, among other Central and South American nations to join the offering of the sacrifices of Thanksgiving with the contingents from North America and Canada. My feeling was that it was like a gathering of all races worshipping the God of Israel. Showers passed us, cooling us, but there was none up.

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