Archaeology dating accuracy

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On multi-period sites, however, it calls for much more meticulous recording since the stratigraphy is revealed one layer at a time.

CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: The systematic and scientific recovery of cultural, material remains of people as a means of obtaining data about past human activity.

Its records describe and record what was found during an archaeological investigation and it is the primary record for all materials after excavation.

Pitt Rivers in Britain and Petrie in the Near East first placed emphasis on evidence rather than artifacts, not what is found but where it was found relative to the layers of deposit (stratigraphy) and to other objects (association) -- the context.

An abbey usually consisted of group of buildings housing a monastery or a convent and an abbey church or a cathedral.

Monasticism originated in the Middle East during the second half of the 4th century and spread to Byzantium, France, Greece, and Italy and developed independently from that in Britain.

It is the excavation of as large an area as possible without the intervention of balks and a grid system.

This technique allows the recognition of much slighter traces of ancient structures than other methods.

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The excavator can only justify his destruction if it is done with meticulous care so that every artifact, be it an or a posthole, is discovered and if possible preserved; if it is recorded accurately enough for all information to remain available after the site has disappeared; and if this record is quickly made available by publication.

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