Architect dating site

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Architect dating site

As a result, if you add only one source IP address, the SI can support up to a maximum of 64,000 simultaneous connections to the real servers.If you configure 64 source IP addresses, the SI can support more simultaneous connections.Update 2: This seems to be a POF Peer1 love fest infomercial.

Lonely architects upload photos of how they want to be seen, and hope someone will fancy them. There’s many traps for clients in this dating business. Sometimes both sides simply can’t admit they need each other.Update 5: Plenty Of Fish Update - 6 Billion Pageviews And 32 Billion Images A Month Update 4: Jeff Atwood costs out Markus' scale up approach against a scale out approach and finds scale up wanting.The discussion in the comments is as interesting as the article.When the author of plentyoffish made the original post about his setup, there was a lot of vagueness.He made claims in the comments that 64k was a hard number due to the number of ports in TCP.

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All this is handled by one person, using a handful of servers, working a few hours a day, while making $6 million a year from Google ads. The same why everyone gawks at Paris Hilton and her doings ..

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