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Bbm photo not updating

The same applies to you inviting others too: you need to have their PIN and to wait for their approval.

One aspect of BBM that I only recently discovered and understood is the frequent change of profile pictures and statuses, as if those two features were being used like a private social network. First, BBM’s Updates section shows a list of all the status and profile picture changes — mini Facebook, anyone?

After receiving the invitation email, you click “I got the email” and the app will ask you to either login with your existing Blackberry credentials if you’ve previously used the service, or to create a new one if you haven’t.

Keep in mind that while BBM was part of the Blackberry Service (BIS) a long time ago and required a specific subscription with the operators, it is now open for everyone and works on any Wi Fi or 3G/4G connection.

BBM is a private platform, unlike Whats App and Viber for example, which only require a phone number to start a conversation.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach, and personally, I welcome the option of a more restricted system reserved for trusted people only.

Contrast this with how Whats App never notifies you of any changes to your contacts, and the fact that statuses are only accessible by explicitly opening the contact’s page, and you can see why some people never bother to change their status after the app’s first setup. With statuses being front-and-center, people end up using them to convey emotions, update everyone on their whereabouts or latest news, or even send passive-aggressive statements to other contacts.One of the first BBM-specific words I learned was “SDR”, which stands for Sent, Delivered, Received and describes the 3 states of messages that BBM tracks.Any message you type will have a small box before it, with these indicators: This tri-state indicator, especially the Read part, allows you to know if your message was actually read by the other person and they chose not to answer.BBM’s privacy stems from the fact that a PIN number is required to connect with other users.Only you can give away that PIN, and you will need to approve the other person’s invite before they can start speaking to you.

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Before you start using BBM, I suggest you change these two settings, as they will make your experience slightly better with the app.

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