Beards are intimidating

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Beards are intimidating

Beards were specifically found on depictions of old rulers of Egypt and on the mummy masks that have been recovered from the ancient civilisation.

However, beards did not last forever in Egypt as soon the upper classes began to favour shaving instead of growing one out, and so it became fashionable to shave ones face instead of bear any hair on it.

(just as a side-note, it is also speculated by some that Alexander the Great could not himself grow a long beard, so he outlawed it to hide this unfortunate loss of masculinity).

Macedonia is one of the only civilisations within the Mesopotamian civilisations that did not favour the beard.

However, even though there were these three reasons for growing a beard, there is evidence of shaving beards dating back to as early as 100,000 B.

In Ancient Macedonia, among the soldiers specifically, beards were discouraged as the generals, Alexander the Great to be more specific, did not want them to have an effect on the battles that the soldiers would take part in.The study — which aimed to find out if a beard offered any practical benefit, either in softening the impact of being punched in the face or by intimidating opponents — was the latest into why men grow facial hair.Everyone reading this website loves a good beard, we live, eat and breath beards.Throughout history, attitudes beards has been varied, and the styles that developed in each culture all have reasons for existing.From the long beards made colorful from hair dye to show that you were rich in ancient Egypt, to the clean shaven soldiers returning home from World War 1 after they needed shaven faces to survive gas attacks; the history of beards is definitely a story worth telling, and a story worth hearing.

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Because of this, some aspiring youngsters would smother their faces with oil in an attempt to grow a beard, as the individuals with them were so respected.