Belinda stronach dating peter mckay

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Belinda stronach dating peter mckay

US shareholders have not done quite so well, since the fall of the Canadian dollar has been a substantial part of that “triple”, but they’ve still done pretty well — here’s a 5-year chart of both MG.TO and MGA to show the importance of that Canadian dollar, particularly recently: That chart actually goes a fair way toward explaining why “currency wars” are a big deal, and why US manufacturers are fretting about the strength of the dollar and the impact it has on their exports…I don’t know whether Magna’s stock will continue to outperform as it has over the last five years, they’ve enjoyed both a little valuation boost from the removal of the super-voting founder shares and, more importantly, strong long-term management that has been able to push aggressively for expansion at the same time that the global auto market has been on fire, with consistent annual unit sales growth every year since the 2009 doldrums.My initial guess would be that Magna would probably reflect the progress of auto sales over the next few years — if China’s slowdown really hits auto sales there and auto manufacturers hit a soft spot, or the rest of the world fails to get growth re-started, then things could be tough…

Magna has a market cap of over billion and annual revenue of billion, making it one of the largest auto suppliers in the world (probably the largest one that’s publicly traded and easily investable in North America — there are larger ones, by some measures, in Germany, Korea and Japan).

but if auto sales continue to rise, or at least not fall dramatically, they seem well-positioned to benefit.

Seems to me like an interesting idea, though I can’t claim any great insight and I hadn’t ever looked at the company before this morning — not too expensive, poised to benefit, at least in Europe, if automakers do more assembly outsourcing, and saying lots of good things about aggressive growth in an industry that is generally quite cyclical — cyclical companies are, of course, a risk if you think we’re at the top of the economic growth cycle and are about to see a decline in global economic growth, but I didn’t run across anything company-specific in my brief research today that caused me to worry overly much about Magna…

“The birth of autonomous driving technology and the rise of the shared economy are bringing nontraditional, deep-pocketed players like Apple, Google, Samsung, and Uber into an industry that hasn’t seen a paradigm shift since Henry Ford introduced the assembly line in 1913….

“Silicon Valley’s tech giants view Detroit as an industry ripe for disruption. “This may seem like an American conflict—its technology hub versus its former industrial center—but the implications of the mobility revolution will reach across the globe.

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And the profits will be unequally distributed to a few companies and their fortunate investors.

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