Best one liners for dating sites

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Best one liners for dating sites

To make things even more complicated, some digital camcorders have something you could call "color interlacing".

While this term maybe somewhat inaccurate to describe the source of the artefacts, it is quite descriptive for the end result.

This site shows you how to make brilliant looking Div X video (from TV, DVB, DV, DVD etc) for archiving purposes OR how to reduce file size to produce good-looking yet small Div X footage. Note: The timeline of your analog camcorder is usually different.

If you are dealing with Div X, this site features a few video statistics and experiments, that may be of some interest for all video publishers and Div X enthusiasts. Analog camcorders, VCRs etc do not mix the recorded pictures. Analog camcorders use "odd" and "even" sets of scan lines, too, but they don't intermix them into 1 frame. Hauppauge Win TV) capture 25fps=50 fields per second, so in the end on your harddisk it makes no difference to say 25 (interlaced) digital frames per second or 50 not interweaved analog fields per second. Here is an example of what your digital camcorder does: Capture field1 (captures at half the height, or full height and then resizes down): Capture field2: Field2 They pretty much look the same. You can see by comparing the position of the thumb and the keyboard keys.

If you watched a football game with 25 progressive fps it would look as if the ball isn't flying fluidly thru the air.This seems to me a much better idea than Blending, but unfortunately I don't know any filter or program that can do it.The idea is: Blur the mice teeth where needed, instead of mixing (=blending) them with the other field. As you see the blur gets stronger in the direction of the old position.Would you believe that one of the newest camcorders by Sony (other Sony camcorders and other brands are better) can record only 15 progressive frames per second in the "Progressive Mode"? There seem to be a ghosty unsharpness when something moves.Another example: Imagine you have the following frame: Original frame This frame consists of: Blending would do this to them: Please note, that not only the area where the movement happened is changed thru blend, but also the green main body.

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So interlacing is a way to display the nonmoving parts with full resolution and the moving parts with half resolution, but fluidly. But even as technology marches on and camcorders get better, you will want have 2 options: To record interlaced (= smoother motions) or non-interlaced (= higher vertical resolution).