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Bread dating code

Fresh-baked bread do not contain preservatives, so they typically won't keep as long as commercially packaged breads.If the date on your bread or snacks has expired, it does not mean they have not gone bad.Use-By Date: Refers to the last day a product will maintain its optimum freshness, flavor, and texture.Beyond this date, the product begins to deteriorate although it is still edible.Summary of e Rumor: This email says that if you want to know how fresh the bread is in your grocery store, look at the tie that is holding the wrapper closed.Bread is delivered five days a week, Monday Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and the bread maker puts a different colored tie on to designate which day of the week the bread was baked: Monday – Blue Tuesday – Green Thursday – Red Friday – White Saturday – Yellow The Truth According to the grocery store manager we checked with, this is true, but each bread company uses its own color code, so there isn’t just one that will apply to everything on the shelf. I hope youall know this and have always bought fresh bread.Snack foods contain preservatives in order to maintain shelf life.Different types of snacks have varying expiration dates: Potato chips will last one month after expiration date. One of the longest lasting snacks is popcorn, which has a shelf life of one to two years.

Store-bought bread will typically last five to seven days at room temperature, but can last one to two weeks in the refrigerator.

Just make a mental note that the colors go in alphabetical order.

But if you know you'll never remember that, just write that key down on a piece of paper and take a picture of it on your phone so you'll always have it.

On "The Early Show on Saturday Morning," dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot, author of "The F-Factor Diet," shared some advice for this dietary dilemma and what the dates stamped on food products really mean.

Zuckerbrot explained the three most common dates are Sell-By Date, Use-By Date, and Expiration Date. Sell-By Date: Refers to the last day a retailer can display a product for sale; typically a food is safe to eat for 10 days after the Sell-by Date if refrigerated properly.

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Expiration Date: Means what it says - if you haven't used a product by this date, toss it. So how do you know what is good and what is not safe to eat?

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