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My hands snaked around her hips and I placed my lips on her cheek. My buxom aunt purred as I lovingly pinched and patted her rump, before grudgingly letting go.

Doing it with Mom nearby seemed to turn her crank to even higher levels, and I didn't find it as much fun as she did. Nothing terribly unusual about that, as it had happened often enough in the past, but this was the first since I became my sister's favourite plaything. My cock was dripping with her froth, and it only took two strokes with my hand before I exploded, sending thick jets of white semen in arcs through the air. That's what she said she wanted, and that's exactly what she got, as cum rained down on her from above. That's plenty," she smiled, cupping her huge rack and spreading my discharge around with her delicate hands. I'll shower first," she giggled, and leapt off the bed. "Be my guest." She turned to face me, giving me full access to her chest, and I lathered those beautiful breasts thoroughly. "Have fun." I gave her a silent nod, and pulled the door shut behind me. I'm not really complaining, just saying that, if I'd been awake, I probably wouldn't have gone into my sister's bedroom and fucked her, the way she did to me.

Was it my imagination, or did she cop a feel of my left butt cheek? She loves to take care of you, Nawaz." Shaheen stood up to stand behind me, and wrapped her arms around my neck. "You will always be my baby, Nazu." She whispered to me so my uncle couldn't hear, and then kissed my neck again. "Listen, since you are there, I need you to do some work for me.

It was just for a moment though, and then I sat down on her lap, on her knees. "Oh, she's a great lady, your wife." I continued to troll my uncle. There's this package in the village ..." The next fifteen minutes was my uncle giving me some chores to do for him in the lodge and in the village of Tinpur. yes, ." I was actually planning go to my room and shag to thoughts of Shaheen and her round buttocks, but something in Taiba's voice alerted me.

Then there was the visual extravaganza of watching her from below. I was truly enjoying this morning get-together, but somewhere in the corner of my view, I could almost see the clock counting down to zero, the point at which we had better be done, showered and looking completely innocent, before Mom returned home. Normally (if that word can be used to describe a situation as bizarre as this), I would wake up with a morning woodie after a night of arousing dreams about Vonnie or some other fantasy woman. I was briefly concerned that my bed might not be up to the task, but that thought was pushed aside by the warm tingle in my balls. Arriving at the front door, I used my key to let myself in. I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but it wasn't this.

Her hair was flying, causing her beautiful face to play hide-and-seek through the sexy, red waves. The defining attribute of all our family's women, her big boobs were doing the dance that I had fallen under the spell of, bouncing and jiggling before my appreciative eyes. Picture the series '24', and the sound of that clock clunking mechanically, and you get the idea. I knew from experience that getting myself off after that prolonged excitement was pretty quick, yet today Shelagh was getting a long, deep ride, and I wasn't even close to cumming. " I felt her nails on my back, clawing in desperation as she went off under me with a deep moan of enjoyment. The house was very still, and quiet, almost as though no one was home. I suppose I figured we would do a few jobs first, as we had every other day of my training.

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