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You’ll discover what makes YOU a prize, so you’ll gain confidence and poise with the kind of man you’ve never even DREAMED of attracting.And finally, you’ll improve your GPS – Guy Picking System, through a process that will allow you to distinguish the flakes from the heroes. We have a wonderful relationship & it all happened because of Jonathon.It is not intended to be used for mental or medical diagnosis or treatment. Aslay makes no guarantees or representation that he will resolve your relationship query.All audio recordings & transcriptions produced during any live workshop, teleclass or Spotlight Coaching session is the property of Jonathon Aslay, Understand Men Now (UMN) and JSA Communication, LLC (JSALLC).You’ll gain clarity about the kind of man you want to attract and the kind you want to avoid at all costs.I’ll help you develop a Love Mantra, which will magnetize your right man to you.

Fortunately, you can now take a different approach to love and relationships, and empower yourself instead of sabotaging yourself with fantasies and misunderstandings.“Shortcut to Mr. It’s 5 weeks of intensive learning, coaching and guidance, including self-reflection exercises and accountability.

To find out more about my coaching programme and to see if it's for you, click Can you go on any longer having no success with guys you really like and dating men not even close to the caliber you want and deserve?

Deep down you know that things aren't right and that something has got to change.

They go from being frustrated and demoralized to feeling on top of the world and giddy! Our parents don’t sit us down and tell us HOW to find the right partner.

Perhaps you, too, have been going around and around with dating and relationships and you still haven’t found the one special man you know you’re meant to fall in love with. Most women in mid-life today grew up on Disney movies and chick flicks, where they learned that their prince will come along and sweep them off their feet when they least expect it.

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The thing is, when you know what you're doing, love isn't hard!

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