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Dark caverns interrational dating

Engineering awings and electrical-layout diagrams are ven as well as exemples of underwater otographs of substrates, fish and gear, cl. rrection of a camera lens used with a plane ndow underwater by R. Four types of camera d uses to which they are put in fisheries search are described in detail. lestly, and design of the underwater ilite lens by C. Gives news of progress of Indian Ocean expedition plans and execution, especially Japanese participation. Calender of the ocean research institute, university of Tokyo I962-I963 Briefly describes purpose and lists staff of this new institute formed in April 1962. Published by IIOE Data Centre of Japan, Meteorological Agency, Tokyo.

, UU:807-33 Marine biological association of the United Kingdom. 10-l OOl U M Contains announcement and short reports of national committees for océanographie research, océanographie programs, international projects, meetings and training facilities, new research craft, institutions 8uid periodicals, as well as activities of United Nations and other agencies. (I96U) Science , li 6(361 9) : 1268-73 Flip: an océanographie buoy 10-10015 M Port Erin.

AKYÜZ Assistant Editors HILDE BERNABEI and STANISLAW RUTKOWICZ Published by permission of THE FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS by TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD., RED UON COURT, FLEET STREET, LONDON, E. 10, Section 1 References 10-10001 to 10-13670: General (Oceanography, Limnology, and Fisheries) Physical Oceanography and Limnology Plankton Benthos Fishing Aquatic Stocks Miscellaneous and Auxiliaries Meetings, etc., 10-001 me to 10-126me Author Index 10-10001 to 10-13670 and 10-OOlme to 10-126me Geographic Index 10-10001 to 10-13670 and 10-OOlme to 10-126me Taxonomic Index 10-10001 to 10-13670 and 10-OOlme to 10-126me Subject Index 10-10001 to 10-13670 and 10-OOlme to 10-126me (a) Subject Index — Two-Digit Code (b) Subject Index — Physical Oceanography Citation Index 10-10001 to 10-13670 and 10-OOlme to 10-1 26me Pages 1-21 .

C.4, ENGLAND CURRENT BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR AQUATIC SCIENCES AND FISHERIES VOLUME 10 - EDITORIAL NOTE Prom nov on the Compilers of the "Current Bihliography for Aquatic Soienoes and Fisheries" are including current Author, Oeographio, Taxonomio, Subject and Citation Indexes for references within each of the two sections of a volume.

, 3(3):282-U Hawaii marine laboratory, Hawaii 10-10038 M university of Clark, E.

, 3(3):28J -6 The Hopkins marine station of Stanford university Burkholder, P.

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