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There is additional confirmation that Yellowstone is associated with a deep hot spot.

The ultimate cause of the volcanism is still up for debate, but the most widely accepted idea is that the mantle plume or upwelling (similar to that associated with present-day Hawaii) initiated the widespread and voluminous basaltic volcanism about 17 million years ago.

Of the 13 online daters I talked to for this article, only one believes algorithms can make successful matches.

The hot spot hypothesis is not universally accepted as it has not resolved several questions.states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and California.Erosion resulting from the Missoula Floods has extensively exposed these lava flows, laying bare many layers of the basalt flows at Wallula Gap, the lower Palouse River, the Columbia River Gorge and throughout the Channeled Scablands.They are dark brown or purple with small, beady eyes.There’s just a disconnect between what social science says is actually possible, and what the sites say they can do,” said Slater.

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It’s a massive animal that can grow up to 20 feet in length.

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