Dating an older coworker

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she either has certain feelings, or she lacks aren't going to screw up what isn't there, if it isn't there.But other old guys don't doubt, so they quickly become the creepy older guy.Hate to make any parent who's kid is working in a grocery store or pizza place paranoid that this goes on often, but..goes on more than you think.There's a reason why you shouldn't mix business with pleasure. There's a remarkable maturity difference between you too. There's nothing that can take your mind off the old crush like a new girlfriend can!You'd be getting yourself into a whole lot of nonsense. Play and banter with this one, it's good practice, and she could be a good friend or wing-woman, but don't take her seriously unless she takes you seriously first.she either has certain feelings, or she lacks them. And she might consider you to be an old man and too old to aren't going to screw up what isn't there, if it isn't there. You would be better off looking for someone who is not a co-worker and is closer to your age.

That's why I never do the grammar nazi thing, because I screw up plenty enough myself.They enjoy watching you old guys drool..."part of the trick, however, is if the older guy plays along, but doesn't push things along.consciously, or subconsciously, the younger lass knows she's "safe", her behavior doesn't seem to get into trouble b/c the older guy is paralyzed with doubt.Maybe 60 years ago that might have worked, but times are way different. Women who are really interested don't turn you down for a date. Ask to see a picture of her dad, then ask what their relationship was like.If he doesn't have some of the same features you have and she doesn't have abandonment issues, then decide.

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I've seen people do this in the workplace and it's not even about maliciousness, it's pure immaturity.

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