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If you want to network and chat, explore, feel free to connect. Send Message Ref ID:05533b6d-5fc0-4c66-b2cc-445bce86fe62 My name is Sam and I am a graduate from a Baptist University.I can help improve your English, however, I am trying to learn Chinese (Mandarin). I want to teach English Bible studies and provide opportunity to practice our language and ask questions about the Bible.I can help you to learn Korean from A to Z, let's say from text book to dramas and cultures.And I'm looking for someone who can teach me Cantonese with same way. Sean Send Message Ref ID:b3618bbc-e272-4873-bde5-c498836bb68a If you know a little about Cantonese and want to brush up on it, I am happy to help you. What about language exchange over a cup of tea and have fun in learning? Basically, it’s typically used to comment on their tastes in fashion, movies, books, etc. You’re an excellent cook This is a nice compliment you can use on most people – friends, family, coworkers and anyone on your level.

I work in Central, but can travel a reasonable distance.

If you want to comment on something other than a “jacket,” simply replace it with another word like… Anyway, this is one you should use a lot – for guys or girls.

Ooh, very important compliment to use on the ladies.

Send Message Ref ID:ff5d4c25-57b3-4385-b786-80aa46d9b296 Spaniard fluent in Spanish (native), French (native-like) and decent English looks for a Japanese exchange.

My level of Japanese is enough for survival after having resided in Japan for several years, but it needs to be improved and more practice. Send Message Ref ID:f3539ed6-feea-4fc9-aa3c-5bbe905a57d0 Cambridge educated, UK male, just arrived in HK.

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I am looking for someone of my age who can be friend as well as a teacher of Mandarin I majored in English Interpretation and Translation in University and lived in Australia last 4 years, so I am quite well in English speaking as well.

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