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I didn’t feel that I would want to do that.” Anderson responds vehemently when I suggest The Fall might be seen as a glossy and glamorous treatment of violence against women. They’re not dressed in short skirts, some of them are in flats and not heels; in their lives, they are lawyers, they’re not…” “They’re not pole dancers,” says Dornan. But it is not glamorous.” This is the exchange, I think, that Anderson is referring to later when she says: “I am going to trust that you are not the type of writer who is going to say, ‘She shot back at me from across the table with her steely blue eyes.’ ” The 46-year-old Anderson does not have steely blue eyes. Gibson, meanwhile, may just be the most intriguing female cop in a British drama since DCI Tennison. It was Dornan, though, who was Bafta nominated for his terrifying, immersive performance as Spector. I think he’s written as very charming, and I’ve always tried to play that. When I ask what he took from modelling into acting, he laughs and says: “Patience?

I ask him if he’s comfortable with the idea of playing a sexually attractive serial killer, and if he’s aware of playing it like that. I think that’s essential to him.” With this and Fifty Shades, however, Dornan does seem to be making a specialism of playing sexual sadists. ” But he goes on: “It sounds stupid, and if I read this myself, I’d think, ‘Nonsense, what a prick,’ but – honestly, I think there’s an element of understanding the camera, whether it’s a moving camera or a still one.” There’s an odd thing about Dornan.

'It was an incredibly failed criminal justice policy. This money could have been used for victims and treatment programs.'Hayes also sued the Connecticut Department of Correction in August of 2014, alleging the preparation practices for kosher meals in the kitchen at the state’s highest-security prison do not conform to Jewish dietary laws.

It gives us a serial killer who enters the homes of his beautiful victims dressed like the man from the Milk Tray adverts; crime scene photos in which one victim, after being tenderly washed by her killer, is reposed in positions that one might find on a mildly kinky blog; apparent sexual tension between murderer and lead detective; and, in the first scene of the first series, the viewer introduced as voyeur (and potential murderer) via a lurking first-person camera shot observing Gibson through the closet doors of her bathroom. It’s what makes Cubitt’s drama one of the most interesting pieces of television in recent years.

The programme repulses us at the same time as seducing us, drawing us into its ethical paradoxes. How close do Spector’s images of bodily subjection come to being murder porn?

Back in 2013, though, in the Belfast-set BBC Two murder drama The Fall, the pair were hunter and hunted, lead detective and serial killer, locked in a struggle of converging obsessions – his with having absolute power over young, dark-haired, professional women, and hers with stopping him from killing again.

Here in real life, with the second series soon to begin on BBC Two (a chilling trailer was released in July), they’re finishing each other's sentences and answering questions for one another with an easy rapport.

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She thinks the focus on sex in The Fall “ends up colouring everything else, so it becomes a sexual landscape. The emphasis on character, the treatment of grief, the attempt to “keep the victim alive in the drama”, in the words of its writer Allan Cubitt, and the determination to show how easily evil hides itself in society all give it depth and power.

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