Dating game tv show theme music single women for dating in bangalore

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PEGGY: Bachelor number 3, what would our future look like? 3: Darlin youd better put on your dancin shoes and your finest polyester. PEGGY: Youre starting to sound just like the father I never had. A spin-off from `Happy Days,' it relied more on physical comedy than its parent show and was actually more Long-running slapstick sitcom (with a great theme song) about two single Milwaukee women sharing an apartment and working at a brewery in the 1950s. A spin-off from `Happy Days,' it relied more on physical comedy than its parent show and was actually more successful, becoming the No.

(Remain in make up chair faking conversation) BACH. Why buy a quality, new camera for fifty dollars when you can just rent a cheap, used one for 12 bucks several times a year?

JIM: (Looking in mirror) Theres a hair out of place! (Stage crew exits) (Play game show theme song and fade after 5 seconds.) JIM: (Happy and overly cheerful again) Welcome back to the Dating Game! (Bachelors all respond at same time: B1, B3 disappointed, B2 a sigh of relief). Bachelor number one is Rocky from Detroit, Michigan. 1: (Comes out to greet Peggy) Thats Detroit ROCK CITY! (kisses her on the cheek) Youre gonna miss a good time, man. (Kisses her on the cheek) We could have had a groovy time together. 2: (Comes out to greet Peggy) Peggy, it is your faith that has brought me here. ANNOUNCER: Peggy and Jesse, the producers of the Dating Game are going to send you out on a date you will never forget. Be sure to bring a can of coke-a-cola with you so we can take advantage of the buy-one-get-one-free offer.

(Yelling to back stage right) Can someone hire a crew that actually knows what theyre doing? Im going to go with B-a-ch-e-l-o-r-r-r Numberrrrr Two. JIM: And now, Johnny will tell us about the fabulous date you won.

(Sits on stool) JIM: (To the audience) Now, lets bring out our bachelorette. (Click, click, wink) PEGGY: (Giggles) Im fine, thank you.

(Fanning herself) JIM: Peggy, are you ready to play the Dating Game?

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PEGGY: Bachelor number 1, if you had advance notice of the Earths final destruction, what would you try to salvage for the next generation?