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All of the migrants had already begun to start clearing areas of the forest and to cultivate food crops, allowing their numbers to increase.They needed more labour to clear additional areas of the forest, so they took slaves to help.

Akan People The general view is that the Akan people migrated into the southern edges of the forests of what is now Ghana from a broad band of territory on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert known as the Sahel.That migration took place around the eleventh century AD, during a period in which the kingdom of Old Ghana was dramatically weakened by a devastating conflict with the Almorivids.There is a body of opinion that it was not a mass migration, however, but a general trickle of smaller groups - families - arriving in the area and already speaking a language which was generally similar to that of the locals.Its territory lay immediately to the north of the later Ghanaian Asante kingdom.Bonoman fed off the subsequent gold boom in the region, expanding the area under its control pretty rapidly.

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Farming prospered, producing wealth in food, and that drove the Akan on to achieve more. Anything else about them is largely the product of oral tradition and should be viewed with suspicion.

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