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Dating on eharmony

So, Betsy, I’m not suggesting that you marry your brother off in less time than it takes to order a tall, skinny decaf latte. And you’re your brother’s ideal matchmaker—knowledgeable, loving and free of charge. So I think your pre-screening plan, followed by a few coffee dates Fred takes with only the most Wonderful Women, is pure brilliance.

Finally, your brother and his children already have a good woman in their lives —You.

But they don’t actually select the would-be partners for one another based on the results.

It’s a marriage-oriented site whose model actively attempts the elimination of players, right?

And we all know to which gender such a site would most appeal.

So—don’t post a profile on your brother’s behalf and then wait for the women to waltz up.

Whereas sites that allow men to prowl amongst endless photos have a tough time getting equivalent numbers of women to join—to wit,’s formerly published 55% male to 45% female ratio—e Harmony activates women’s sense of safety and thwarts hunters by doling out the pix-n-profiles a few at a time.

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