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Eritrean dating sites

The chaplain recommended Thompson to the emperor as someone who could help Ethiopia rebuild.

In 1944, Thompson, his wife, Hazel, also a chiropractor, and their children went to Ethiopia, where he worked with the government and the Sudan Interior Mission (now Serving in Mission).

The Arise were semi-Nomadic and fiercely independent; leprosy had brought them much sorrow.

The Ethiopian government agreed to supply the land for this leprosarium and Sudan Interior Mission supplied the staff and supplies.

I was elated to learn that Thompson had lived in Ethiopia and served under Haile Selassie for a number of years.

Thompson was seconded to the Ethiopian Ministry of Education.

They were not to eat the eggs but to use them for breeding.

All twenty eggs hatched and by the end of the year there were over a hundred chickens.

I introduced myself and received an invitation to his home where he was going to host another Ethiopian mixer.In the late 1980's as a young student in Canada Ethiopian physician Fikre Germa, pictured above (standing) 21-years-ago with his his father Dr Germa Amare, Robert Thompson, his wife Evelyn Thompson, and a visiting friend, met and befriended Thompson (Center) who lived in Ethiopia from 1944 to 1958 and also served as vice-Minster of Education.The following piece submitted to Tadias is an excerpt from an upcoming book by Fikre Germa.Between 19, he served as an instructor in the Royal Canadian Air Force.During his service, he became friends with a chaplain who had known Emperor Haile Selassie while he lived in exile in Great Britain during the 1936 Fascist occupation of Ethiopia.

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I also absorbed Thompson’s respectful and sustainable model for developing Ethiopia’s potential, one I would try to apply in my own work for Ethiopia.