Excel database updating

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This is a single file with no dependencies (except to the d3library) and you can put it on a web site or mail it to someone as you wish.

Occasionally a client asks me to create a shared workbook in Excel, so two or more employees can work in it at the same time.

This will also allow users to add, edit, update and delete data to an external file without the need to open the associated application.It starts with Excel fundamentals and then moves on to advanced topics like functions, Pivot Tables, and macros.If you find the material here useful, why not help to support it by buying my Google Apps Script and VBA Titles published by O'Reilly media Book Going Gas Videos Google Apps Script for Developers Google Apps Script for Beginners.There’s a list of unavailable features for Excel 2003 on the Microsoft site, and in Excel’s help.For example, you can’t add any of the following features, and in some cases you can’t even change the existing items: If you do need to create a shared workbook, check the list of restricted features, and make sure you have everything set up exactly the way you want it, before you share the file.

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For me, the limitations far outweigh the benefits, and there’s usually another way to accommodate multiple users.

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