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In Rockville, Md., Witnesses were assaulted across the street from the police station, while officers stood and watched.By the end of the year, the American Civil Liberties Union estimated that 1,500 Witnesses had been assaulted in 335 separate attacks.This “blood guilt” propelled in-your-face proselytizing by Witnesses in various communities on street corners and in door-to-door visits.Soon the sect developed a reputation for exhibiting “astonishing powers of annoyance,” as one legal commentator put it. He routinely encouraged public displays of contempt for “Satan’s world,” which included all other religions and all secular governments. S.—roughly 40,000—was so small that many Americans could ignore them.“One’s right to life, liberty and property, to free speech, a free press, freedom of worship and assembly, may not be submitted to vote….

Barnette is just one of several major Supreme Court decisions involving freedom of religion, speech, assembly and conscience that arose from clashes between Jehovah’s Witnesses and government authorities.

One Witness was beaten unconscious, and those who fled were cornered by ax- and knife-wielding men riding the town’s fire truck as someone yelled, “Get the ropes! ” In Kennebunk, Maine, the Witnesses’ gathering place, Kingdom Hall, was ransacked and torched, and days of rioting ensued.

In Litchfield, Ill., an angry crowd spread an American flag on the hood of a car and watched while a man repeatedly smashed the head of a Witness upon it.

Douglas, Frank Murphy and Hugo Black—publicly signaled in a separate case that they thought Gobitis had been “wrongly decided.” When Barnette reached the Supreme Court in 1943, Harlan Stone, the lone dissenter in Gobitis, had risen to chief justice.

The facts of the two cases mirrored each other, but the outcome differed dramatically.

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He even claimed Social Security numbers were the “mark of the beast” foretold in Revelations.

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