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They’ll send you a name of someone who lives in your area and who will help you , not just tell you what to do.(Everything we’ve ever used from the Dave Ramsey site has been amazing.The best prescription I found for that was to keep giving throughout the process, even when it didn’t make sense.Giving for me has been like a cooling salve, a medicine to keep me from becoming a scrooge or losing focus of what is important (and that is loving people).(This is where having a good real estate agent will come in handy!You definitely want someone who respects your budget and wants to abide by it.If you can’t be content having little, you won’t be content having more. Raise your hand if you think “investing” is a sexy word. It’s a person who will walk us through what to do and teach us the mysteries of investing.

You can see the magical highlighter pen in the video. This little blog is where I chronicle our efforts to fix up our beaten-down home on a tiny budget.

During the time when I was working full-time, my salary was decent but nowhere near six figures – pretty close to the national average.

When we had our first kid two years into owning the house, I went down to part-time work and cut my pay in half.

I’ve been thinking about this post and debating whether to write it for a long time.

) We knew we’d eventually want some breathing room in our budget, and with no hope for Andy making substantiallly more money as a teacher, we thought the best way to do that would be to buy – and pay off – a house. If we didn’t have money for something, we waited until we did.

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Check out this post for some of the creative ways we saved money!

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