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Slowly you lower yourself and again my cock slides snugly up into you. Your rocking motion intensifies and you squeeze your knees together trapping my cock in your grip. This time I lift you completely and my cock slips out with a smack against my belly. " Part of me wants you back on your knees sucking me. As I rise, my pants slip down around my ankles and my cock stands, glistening in the soft light with the wet from inside you.

Again you rise up and my cock slides down your slippery wet opening, almost out. " Your hips rise and lower, rise and lower, and each time I want to thrust into you harder, deeper. In moments a hot stream of cunt-juice flows from you, soaking my fingers and washing over my balls. Oh god oh god oh god." My fingers stroke your clit harder, faster. "Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god." I bite your nipple and your body spasms. Again I lift you and push down and again my cock is buried inside. I lie back and take pleasure from you as you continue to suck me. "I want to give you pleasure too." As your hand continues to pump up and down the length of me, your mouth retreats only a few inches from the tip of my cock and you say, "Right now my pleasure is in making you come.

Your heels pound my ass You thrust your hips at me one last time and grind your clit against me. And then you collapse, exhausted, muttering, "Oh god oh god oh god." Your pounding heart slows.

Each time your hips thrust, another hot river of cum streams from you, over your ass, soaking the sheets.

As my cock slides into you yet again, you explode immediately.

Your hot breath tickles my neck and your tongue plays with my ear. I can feel the swell of your breasts against my chest.

My cock wants to move inside you but my hips can't rise from the chair. Your ass squirms and you rise slightly and then quickly lower yourself once again.


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