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I take photos in sessions as a normal routine, face/head covering always available for anonymity. A good Master knows exactly how to administer those stimuli to a slave, thus exiting the slave in a way the feeling of enjoyment exceed any feeling of pain.

If you are not comfortable with my taking pics, but still interested, and feel you can offer me an enjoyable and satisfying play please get in touch anyway. Feel free to tell me what your interests (and importantly limits - respected) are, but as Master I will make the final decision as to what I choose to do with you for my pleasure (and maybe for yours): There are a lot of possibilities and everything remains safe and responsible at all times with a lot of fun (for both! In case you are seriously interested, use the BDSM-questionnaire below. This can be achieved through a proper roping and a responsible and safe administration of certain stimulants to the various senses.

I value mutual transparency and no-nonsense pro and cons prior to engaging in an appointment.

You may have experienced yourself that, when trying to make an appointment for a session, this small world has a lot of fakers and paper jerk off’s to offer.

They are nearby Emmerich (NRW) and Arnhem, Netherlands, only 100 meters from the German border) زی در پیش داریم لازم اتكون رجولي ابشكلك ----------- 1. Often I receive a lot of requests from Masters as well as slave for a (severe) examination, for exciting sessions.

You will notice that the preparations as well as the tense sessions are of professional level.

Unfortunately I cannot meet everyone who gets in touch - strangely, I have a life outside this, so time is sometimes limited. 2.) Only make an appointment when a clear face picture has been exchanged by both parties (without sunglasses, cap or any other camouflage).

I always need to see a recent photograph (and not just a cock or arse shot) of you before committing to a meeting so I know what/who to expect to meet. Would you prefer the play to be normal, exciting or super-exciting? Would you want to game to be: soft / medium / hard / up to my limits / over my limits? Tell me your fantasies and what toys do you have yourself? Tell me what you do not want under any circumstances, where are you averse towards? 3.) Only make an appointment after having made telephone contact.

كوره على هالموضوع والله ينولج الي في بالج ب ياريت تحطيلنا صورت الكريم واسمه والله يجعله في ميزان حسنات لله The ultimate dream for masters and slaves: On the border of the woods I have rented a complete underground BDSM-bunker and a old wooden horse barn with a complete BDSM-equipment for very special and long sessions. A trustable and masculine Master with a lot of expierences, special equipment and toys where everybody can dream about.... Maximal twice monthly I can make time free for a long session. I am real, and I am only interested in real people.

Bed & Breakfast (in these Bunker) is also available. BDSM, Medical-Scientific: The human body responds to certain signals and stimulations.

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I am very serious about making an appointment and for new play partners I have a very simply selection tool: the one who asks first, comes first.

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