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Harassed nude

Once filming commenced, he got worse claims Hayek, who said: 'He told me that the only thing I had going for me was my sex appeal and that there was none of that in this movie.

So he told me he was going to shut down the film because no one would want to see me in that role.'That is when he told her she needed to add the sex scene and she agreed as a way to see her film finally get into theaters.'I arrived on the set the day we were to shoot the scene that I believed would save the movie,' reveals Hayek.'And for the first and last time in my career, I had a nervous breakdown: My body began to shake uncontrollably, my breath was short and I began to cry and cry, unable to stop, as if I were throwing up tears.'Hayek later notes: 'It was not because I would be naked with another woman.

Jennifer Lawrence's speech about sexual harassment was heartbreaking but powerful, and helps shine a brighter spotlight onto the issue of sexual harassment and sexual assault in Hollywood.

After jumping through countless hoops to complete work on her dream project, the Frida Kahlo biopic Frida, Weinstein told her he would not release the picture unless there was a naked lesbian sex scene.

My heart goes out to all of the women affected by these gross actions.

And I want to thank them for their bravery to come forward.

Hayek also details her experiences with Weinstein's notorious temper, claiming he once told her: 'I will kill you, don’t think I can’t.' 'The absurdity of his demands went from getting a furious call in the middle of the night asking me to fire my agent for a fight he was having with him about a different movie with a different client to physically dragging me out of the opening gala of the Venice Film Festival, which was in honor of Frida, so I could hang out at his private party with him and some women I thought were models but I was told later were high-priced prostitutes,' says Hayek.

That premiere was a major moment for Hayek, one that Weinstein made near-impossible.

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10 in support of his accusers and condemning his alleged behavior.

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