Improvements in dating of rocks and fossils

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The alleged evolution of land animals from sea animals... Also there is a tendency among evolutionists to conflate "intermediate" forms with the "transitional" forms Darwin imagined.

Intermediate forms are simply those forms that share anatomical features of other animals that allegedly descended from them or with other animals from which they allegedly descended.

Dr Batten, again sorry for whatever hullabaloo inadvertently stirred up.

reconstruction but there was no evidence for them (no fossil evidence).

On these, the fossil record is completely SILENT.... His explanation was that the fossil record was then incomplete but, after many years of additional discoveries, would eventually confirm his theory.

However, when we first observe a fossil in the fossil record, it appears suddenly, and fully formed, with NO evolutionary predecessor. Unfortunately, from the perspective of historians of science, the so-called "theory" of evolution was not fully vetted before being swallowed by an unwitting public. For a number of years, I taught a graduate course in paleontology, which largely concentrated on the invertebrates (where we find the best and most extensive portions of the fossil record).

but Dr Werner recorded on video Dr Thewissen admitting that a key evidence of whale ancestry, the sigmoid process of the ear-bone apparatus (again), was actually nothing like a whale ear bone. I caution my fellow Christians that all of the statements here can be debunked, and that nothing in evolution poses a danger to Christianity.Call me an "arrogant evolutionist" or whatever, I dont care.As for John W, its pointless to argue, because no matter the evidence presented, the knee-jerk reaction is for you to reject it, because to you, no macro-evolution can occur, while I do my best to keep an open mind.His findings, published in a major 25-page Appendix to the new 2014 edition of his book, utterly destroy the whale evolution story. Even so, Dr Werner reveals that the American Museum of Natural History in New York and the Natural History Museum in London have not stopped using the falsely-reconstructed skull that shows a blowhole (see figure 1).In a should be classed with whales, based on its ear-bone.

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, has checked out the claims, interviewing the researchers and others.