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Introvertsguidetodating com

In other words, if you feel energized and refreshed after attending a party, while in a big group of people or by being very socially active (“absorbing the good vibes), you’re probably an extrovert, and if you feel recharged after being alone or in a very limited company with deep conversation, you’re probably an introvert.An introverted person wants to understand, and an extroverted person wants to act.But in order to do that, you must be an emotionally stable introvert.If you are emotionally unstable, or an emotional midget as I like to joke, being an introvert can become an emotional jail.

You become a prisoner of your own thoughts and emotions.With emotional accounting, you can identify cognitive distortions or negative thoughts that influence your dark perception of life and yourself, and correct them.Besides that, there are many other tools for building emotional stability, for example psychotherapy, meditation, transactional analysis, trauma release exercises and many other methods.We can look for the cause for that on the biological level.Researchers found that introverts are highly sensitive to dopamine – the neurotransmitter that helps control pleasure and reward centers – and that the part of the brain called amygdala becomes very active with interaction (introverts have an extremely sensitive amygdala), thus introverts can feel overwhelmed very quickly.

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They: As it will be explained later in the article, the facts stated above don’t mean that introverts can’t be social, good lecturers or performers, but definitely in a different way than extroverts.

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