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We’re not sure if Delta is actually written better than the other women, or if it’s just that Hahn brings “interesting” to a role the way some people bring dimples or a toothy grin.One largely improvised scene in a taxi between her and Wilson is a treat, and the film suddenly lets two talented comedic performers riff on an absurd situation.These movies were not only well-reviewed by critics (and in some cases, award-nominated), but also commercially successful.Below, check out 12 of Wilson’s best roles to date.And one thing that does not translate so well across those decades, and a pivotal element for what purports to be a free-spirited (though chaste) relationship comedy, is gender politics.

As a call girl from Brooklyn (blue collar, not hipster) who refers to herself as “a muse,” Izzy Finkelstein, as she starts out, is summoned to the hotel of Broadway director Albert (Owen Wilson) though he goes by a pseudonym.

It’s manufactured, sweet and unpretentious, but like candy floss, we got tired of it before it was done, and it contains next to no nutritional value.

13 years ago, casts Wilson as a Broadway director who gets involved with a prostitute and aspiring actress, played by Imogen Poots.

In fact, there were times when we almost felt like we were watching some sort of weird double exposure in which Poots’ Izzy, for example, was simply a transparent overlay over Barbara Streisand‘s Judy from “What’s Up, Doc.” Though not quite transparent enough for us not to wonder why it was Poots in the role of the Brooklyn-born Izzy Finkelstein, rather than an American actress.

Her accent and demeanor are not wrong, exactly, she just feels studied at every moment, where part of her character’s appeal should be her spontaneity.

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Of course, “It’s just a farce/comedy/bit of diversion” covers a multitude of sins, but that excuse is already stretched rather thin.