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If the film has one success story, it's the discovery of ten-year-old Avijit whose natural affinity for creating exciting compositions through the lens earned him an invitation to the World Press Photo Foundation in Amsterdam.There is also a documentary titled Tales of The Night Fairies by Prof. Sabeena Ghadioke from Asia's leading Media institute AJK, Mass Communication Research Centre, about the Sonagachi area.Multi-storeyed buildings emptied out quickly for some time as residents rushed down to the streets.The Kolkata Metro Railway services were suspended for five minutes. The Malayalam Film Calcutta News depicts the story of women being trafficked and forced to become sex worker in Sonagachi.

The East India Company used to bring local widows to the area for sexual exploitation.At suburban Salt Lake on Kolkata’s northeastern fringes, cracks appeared in walls of some houses.People busy shopping for the Bengali New Year at malls ran out to the streets, driven by fear and panic.“Once we came to know of the quake, we suspended Metro services. Also read: Earthquake in Delhi What to do during a quake: *Drop down to the floor and take cover under a bed or table. Take stairs instead – you don’t want to be trapped in there. The trains which were in the tunnel were slowly brought to the nearby stations,” a Metro Railway spokesperson said. *If you are in bed, hold on and stay there, protecting your head with a pillow.

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There are some legends that this area was owned by Darkwanath Thakur.