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A wild venison haunch joint makes for an excellent roast and completes any family get together or celebratory meal.Macbeth's uses wild venison from local estates The Macleans use local and natural ingredients,some well kept secrets from the family recipe book, the inspiration of Macbeth and the skills of a family steeped in the traditions of Scottish Baking to produce the range of products that their customers enjoy - time after time.

You get a real taste of the Scottish Highlands with this joint.Merlot wine to drink, smoked trout to start, horseradish on the side, followed by Sticky Toffee Pudding, Coffee, chocolate and cheese. Although not as well-known as smoked salmon, Loch Etive trout has a firm place in the hearts and on the palates of those who love fine food.Not so rich as salmon,smoked trout has its own delicate flavour and texture.Make fantastic Scottish Beef the centre of a special meal with the Scottish Beef meal Hamper.A 3lb Rolled Sirloin from the award winning Macbeths butcher of Forres, accompanied by all the accoutrements to make a great meal.

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Feel free to email us with words or definitions that you find. à la broche – (French) Food cooked on a spit or skewer. acidulated water – A combination of water and an acid used to prevent oxidation in meat and vegetables.

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