Most intimidating sayings dating with inflammatory bowel disease

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Most intimidating sayings

May 2012: "I don't give a [expletive] what you say. June 18, 2012, on Kevin Durant's ceiling: "A 6-11 me."19. 23, 2015 -- Kobe Bryant's 37th birthday -- and has been brought back for his 38th birthday. Live-tweeting a Lakers game after tearing his Achilles tendon:9. 16, 2015, on being forced to retire if his hand fell off: "Even then, you could still play with one hand."10. 16, 2014, after scoring 44 points on 34 shots in 31 minutes during a Lakers blowout loss: "I'd rather not have to do that, but you can't sit back and watch crime happen in front of you."11. 1, 2014: "Because I don't want chumps, I don't want pushovers, and if you're a chump and a pushover, I will run over you."12. So part of that was [Phil Jackson] trying to tame me."16. March 12, 2014: "I feel like killing everybody every time I go to the arena."26. They can all kiss my a-- as I'm sure he feels the same way. He has been funny, savage, wise and defensive, but most of all, Kobe Bryant has often been candid. 18, 2015: "I've shot too much from the time I was 8 years old. Some people thought Mozart had too many notes in his compositions. December 1997: "When I have the chance to guard Michael Jordan, I want to guard him. After scoring 38 in a win over the Mavericks, and in response to Dallas owner Mark Cuban openly suggesting the Lakers could amnesty Bryant:13. Sit back and watch and listen and hear all the hate that's being thrown at us and remember every person that's kicking you when you're down, because next year it ain't gonna be this way. Let it sit in now, because revenge is sweet and it's quick."14. 18, 2013, on Le Bron James asserting that the 2012-13 Lakers would never experience the level of scrutiny his Miami Heat did: "What does it matter? June 28, 2015: "There's certain players that I've made cry. If you score 138 points, you kind of have a license to tell people to f--- off."32.

You can also leverage anger to show people that you’re truly being serious.

It’s also not too vulgar or insulting that you would end up getting into a brawl with it.

This is a simple statement that states “I’m angry.” Although it may not seem like the ideal way to reveal your emotion, being clear and to the point is often the most rational method instead of throwing a tantrum or something like that.

To celebrate his birthday, we curated a list of his best quotes. Let me put it this way: I entertain people who say I shoot too much. Going back to Mozart, he responded to critics by saying there were neither too many notes or too few. If I can make you cry by being sarcastic, then I really don't want to play with you in the playoffs."27. You shake the tree, a leopard's gonna fall out."28. 3, 2013, on why the Lakers looked tired: "'Cause we're old as s---. April 13, 2013: "All the training and sacrifice just flew out the window with one step that I've done millions of times!

Each provides a look into what makes the Mamba, well, the Mamba.

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