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"Everything has been burned to ashes by now," one eyewitness told Human Rights Watch (HRW), adding that security forces had shot civilians as they ran away.

The Rohingya Muslim ethnic minority from Myanmar's western Rakhine state has faced systematic persecution at the hands of the Buddhist majority for decades.

In one photograph, taken at dusk on Tuesday, Saman captured a woman standing in the middle of the river, looking in the direction of his camera.

“That was her realizing she’d have to spend another night out in the elements,” he said.

The military junta that ruled the nation for decades stripped them of their citizenship.

The democratically elected government under the leadership of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Aung San Suu Kyi has looked the other way as the Rohingya were pushed into squalid camps in their own home towns and villages.

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Young children with blank eyes carried even younger siblings.