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With the growth of internet finance, P2P lending platforms are coming into this market.These days those without a credit history or parental approval can borrow money which had lead to reckless behaviour among college students.In exchange, he would drive to her Putnam County home and give her marijuana.On several occasions when Williams went to see the girl, the report said, he had her perform a sex act on him.Banks are not allowed to issue credit cards to college students below 18 years old.Those over-18-year-old students who want to apply for a credit card need written consent from their parents who is also secondary source of repayment, their guarantor.Currently, there are three kinds of companies offering overdraft and cash installments. Another is e-commerce organizations like Alibaba and Jing Dong.

Female college students can send nude photos of themselves holding their ID.

Last year’s statistics from internet firm Tencent shows that out of 8000 students in this survey, 21% college students had ever borrowed money online before and 50% have never done it but they were interested.

62.2% of those did borrow funds spent the money on digital devices, which is higher than entertainment clothes and restaurants.

This serves as a debit note to borrow money through the app.

Creditors can threaten the girls if the debt is overdue.

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Heavy debt burdens and “naked loan”A college student in Henan Province (Central China) committed suicide because he could not afford the debt of $90,000.

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