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Women have really led the way in this field, so they might be a lot more successful at it. My sister makes and sells skirts on an online store for indie artists.I've been blown away by the shows that gal pals have dragged me to over the past couple of years, but one particularly tipsy girl friend told me at the end of a long strippy evening, "You know what? Other people have made extra cash doing holiday-specific stuff like wreath-making and putting together seasonal gift baskets.I know people who pay over 0 a week for a dog walker.Since you can do this at lunch, rent out your services to someone who lives near where you work.A drinking buddy once bought a lot of quality, brand new office chairs from a Craigslist ad posted by a company that had just gone under, and resold them individually at a profit of K.

Back in college, we had a yearly Goat Day party where we bought a small goat at auction and hung out with it while we drank.Finding out about money making ideas are a good way to invest in yourself.If you are serious about making money online there is an awesome website that offers a link it works.Cheers My ideas for making money I thought dog walking would be a good idea also but remember you are dealing with people who dont want to walk thier own dog even though most are able to and are home.Basically you are dealing with snobs most of the time who are hiring you to have a sense of being better than you and will go out ofthier way to criticize your style. I like using raystay better than craigslist since its a little less anonymous.

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Just watch out for get rich quick scams, and don't pay for lists of survey sites or mystery shopping companies. I think with the economy being so bad, many people are scrambling to find any way to make money.

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