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They typically occur in use in South Africa's townships, but some have become increasingly popular amongst white youth.Unless otherwise noted these words do not occur in formal South African English.Jinne man, just put on your tekkies and your costume, don't be dof!We're going to walk to the beach and then go for a swim, if you want to come with you better hurry up, china.These terms do not occur in formal South African English.

Contrast Sour Supporter, who is convinced that the team is doomed to failure, but works well with them anyway.Generally the imperfect teamwork generated serves as both a good source of drama and/or comedy, depending on the situation.It's particularly dramatic if the group undergoes a period of Divided We Fall first.For example: Tande (plural of tand; "tooth"), formal = "tande", informal = "tanne".In singular words' syllables ending in "-d", "-nd" and "-heid", the "d" is always pronounced as a "t".

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It also helps ensure that the group is interesting and varied without raising questions of why they work so perfectly together.

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