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Posted by / 13-May-2019 03:29

Online dating diaries

Is it that hard for a guy to like me because I’m me?

This may be my self-doubt rearing her ugly head a bit, but it’s a question I constantly ask myself.

It’s this gorgeous woman who I often run into at my local coffee place.

Physical beauty is an amazing thing, but in case everyone forgot, looks fade.

They don’t last forever, and in 50 years, every boho-chic wannabe and Kim Kardashian lookalike are all going to be old, grey-haired, and wrinkly.

I’m unsure where this series will go, but I have many stories I know I need to share with you.

Hopefully, the articles inspire you to date, potentially leave your sub-standard relationship or at least entertain you whilst you should be working (but you aren’t because you hate your job, but let’s talk about that later).

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On Thursday I was walking to the supermarket to buy tampons and chocolate.