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The degree to which these sites cooperate, or don’t cooperate, with law enforcement may not be fully explained in the privacy policy.

Currently, the primary law protecting information privacy on the Internet, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, allows government officials to access information on social networks with a subpoena.

The information you share with your online contacts allows you to keep in touch without much effort. Social networks store information remotely, rather than on a user’s personal computer.

Social networking can be used to keep in touch with friends, make new contacts and find people with similar interests and ideas.

To make these applications useful, social networks may allow developers automatic access to public information of users.Information leakage also occurs in mobile online social networks, according to Privacy Leakage in Mobile Online Networks, another study by Krishnamurthy and Wills.To learn more about cookies and how to browse the Internet safely and privately, see PRC Fact Sheet 18: Privacy and the Internet.However, many people besides friends and acquaintances are interested in the information people post on social networks.Identity thieves, scam artists, debt collectors, stalkers, and corporations looking for a market advantage are using social networks to gather information about consumers.

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But who else can see it, and what exactly is visible?