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With this intervention she has improved her grades and is now working at her current grade level.

Without the extra assistance (if we were forced to live in Mexico to keep our family together) her education would suffer greatly and she may not be able to graduate from high school.

The symptoms that I suffer with relapses of this condition are irritability, fatigue and mood swings; in the end it is not only I that suffers but also my children.

The sense of accomplishment I feel in my career, the love of my husband, children and grandmother greatly contribute to my success in combating this condition.

Since my marriage I have been able to successfully control this condition without medication.

A stable routine with regular health exams, exercise and a low stress environment has enabled me to discontinue medication therapy.

With such a drastic reduction in income and no health insurance we would be unable to provide our children with adequate health care therefore greatly increasing health risks within the family.

With this letter I would like to point out both the hardships of a prolonged separation from my husband due to any immigration proceeding as well as any family relocation to Mexico to be with my husband.Instead of posting these under "Needed: letters illustrating extreme hardship under I-601", I thought creating a new thread would be easier to read. I hope it helps others avoid the mistake of not making their family member's hardships their own. We have been together for about 6 years and married almost 4. DENIED, MEXICO BURDON OF EXTREME HARDSHIP TO USC OR LPR NOT MET HSL Courtesy of Immigrate2us member ADWILLI1 (also Adwilli1 on this forum) Here is my letter. Israel and I were married on 06/08/02 which was 10 months after the birth of our son. December 21, 2005 Case Number: *********xx Addendum to I-601 Hardship Letter To Whom It May Concern: I'm writing this letter because I'm petitioning for my husband ******xx to be granted legal residency to the United States.It was important for us to build a strong foundation before we committed to marriage and in doing so we've had a very loving and strong relationship.

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