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When I initially installed Exchange 2010, I had to run to grant the Recipient Update Service some permissions it needs because Exchange 2010 moves things around a little bit.

To check out the permissions, I opened up Active Directory Users and Computers and selected View = Advanced Features to enable me to view the security attributes for the user account in Active Directory.

There are no synchronisation errors in Outlook and I have verified (using Exchange System Manager on the Exchange 2003 server) that the Offline Address Book does exist and is still being created in the early hours of each morning, as well as when I manually rebuilt it this morning.

Investigating this issue required me to use a bit of Active Directory know how, as well as some Exchange-2010-Management-Shell-fu.

This is a multi value attribute that contains all address lists that this user should appear in.

Ordinarily, this should contain at least one address list the user should appear in, but for anybody who has the ms Exch Hide From Address Lists attribute set to TRUE this attribute should not be set at all.

I checked the event logs on the Exchange 2003 server and no warnings or errors were logged in the early hours by the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service during the OAB Generation process.

A quick manual rebuild of the Offline Address Book and everybody is happy.

I know from experience that this usually only happens when the user is (or once was) a member of an Active Directory privileged group.

After verifying they are no longer a member of a privileged group, I went back to ADExplorer and changed the admin Count attribute on this user to 0 from 1.

Exchange utilized its own hierarchical X.400 directory service and to uniquely identify objects it used an attribute called obj-Dist-Name.

It contained a constructed value using elements like organization, containers and the canonical name to construct the entry, e.g. Then came the introduction of Active Directory with the release of Windows Server 2000.

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I then went back into Active Directory Users and Computers and enabled this user profile to inherit permissions from parent objects.

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