Russian dating and marriage traditions

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They took their vows at a state-witnessed ceremony that included expressions of love and promises to be good citizens in the Communist state.After saying they would perform the duties of a good Communist family they were pronounced man and wife.About half of all Russian men and women have at least one divorce during their lifetime. The majority of them are set up so that someone living outside of Moscow can get a residency permit to live in Moscow, where there are greater opportunities to get ahead.About a third of the divorced are young couples who live together less than five years. Brokers charge ,000 to set up the marriages for out of town men and often enlist prostitutes to serve as brides.Peasant weddings traditionally were marked by highly elaborate ceremonies, some of them with a pagan origins and theatrical aspects.A religious ceremony occurred separately and often took place a period of time after the initial ceremony when the couple had lived together for some time.

Newlyweds often visit a monument or go on a mini-honeymoon in a specially-decorated wedding taxi.Russian men, it is said, can be very romantic during the courtship period.They open doors and light cigarettes for their dates and almost always pay.Church weddings were uncommon because religious worship was discouraged and many churches were closed or used as museums or mental institutions.The bride usually wore a wedding dress and veil and the groom wore a wedding suit.

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A round dance, for example, was performed when the bride was prepared for the wedding and her “maiden braid” was loosened.