Sex dating game sim review 2013

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For one of their projects they have decided to make a website to find out if guys or girls are more sex crazed.

On the website they have many surveys and a matchmaking service for kids at their school.

There is no real character development or emotional evolution. In fact, aside from the various crushes these girls have, there is little to distinguish the main characters from one another.

I don’t really like their style because it was hard to keep up with for most of the story.

The style is too “wordy.” For example, when Mads, Holly, and Lina were at their school dance, the chapter for it was way too long.

Along the way the author talks about the girls love lives and the unfortunate couples they've paired.

There is many things the aut The novel The dating games by Natalie Standiford is about three high school girls; Lina, Holly and Madz.

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The novel The dating games by Natalie Standiford is about three high school girls; Lina, Holly and Madz.

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