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The meet and greets are conducted in January during nursing schools’ winter breaks, allowing students to meet face to face with the managers.Because close to 100 students participate in the two-hour event, a speed-dating process was introduced so managers could interact with students in a more controlled environment.“Having the opportunity for conversation rather than an interview allowed the true character of the student to emerge, so a better selection could be made among the vast number of students,” Marsh said.

Feedback from candidates who were not selected is being used to make improvements in the process.Swift construction of the parkway would enable the Highway Authority to cover interest expenses, which began accruing the moment that the 5 million in construction bonds were issued in 1952.More than million was allocated for right-of-way acquisition.Dransfield was hired by the hospital after taking part in the RWJ Somerset nurse extern program.Kathleen Marsh, RN, a preceptor for the nurse externs, was paired with Norell during the meet and greet.

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"Singing" shoulders, better known as "rumble strips," alert motorists straying from the roadway.