Vanessa lengies dating

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Vanessa lengies dating

Mercedes says the medley of their song will be Adele, and Sugar said she sounds like her.In the competition, The Troubletones sing Rumour Has It/Someone Like You.She joins the rest of her all-girls show choir to give the New Directions a post-Sectionals proposition.This includes, that if The Troubletones win, they can vote in any member they think is talented enough to join their club.She finds the club after their performance, and bluntly tells them that they were horrible and desperately need the "star power" that she has to offer them.She also states that she has self-diagnosed Asperger's syndrome, "which means that [she] can pretty much say whatever [she] wants." Sugar auditions with Big Spender and is absolutely horrible. Schuester that allowing Sugar into Glee would hurt their chances at winning Nationals even more.She is portrayed by actress and singer Vanessa Lengies.

Sugar performs Survivor/I Will Survive at Sectionals with the rest of her team, receiving a miniscule solo.During the episode, she is shown to be very friendly with Rory.At the end of the episode, she is surprised when Rachel reveals her suspension.Sugar convinces her dad, the very wealthy Al Motta, to make a private donation to Mc Kinley so they can afford a second Glee Club, starring Sugar.She also convinces her dad to have Shelby Corcoran tracked down to coach the group, since she's "the best show choir director money can buy." While practicing with Shelby, Sugar rudely tells her that she is a bad singer, and that she has a weird nasally voice that she can only stand for so long, but then hugs Shelby after the insult.

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Her father created a new glee club for her after she was rejected by the New Directions.

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