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Venus diva dating

"We'll wait and see how she pulls up," Bianca Santic said.

"Then we'll ask her how she feels." At the moment Makybe Diva's answer is more neigh than yea, but in the spring, when even hard-headed businessmen of the turf become doe-eyed romantics, it is not unusual to invest a champion horse with human qualities.

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On particularly bad days staff have to saddle her backwards.

• Wake up my music • Moonlight destiny • Idol Activity! ce • Kira・pata・shining • The Only Fascinating Treasure!• Hirari/Hitori/Kirari • Clockwise Wonderland • Kiss of the Alice Blue • Moonlight destiny Idol Activity! Rock) • Original Star☆彡 • Calendar Girl • Magical Time • New・Chocolate Case • Kira・pata・shining • KIRA☆Power • Dance in the rain • Aurora Princess • The Only Fascinating Treasure! • Shining☆Days • Tarte・Tatin • Good morning my dream • Eternally Flickering Flame • Du-Du-Wa DO IT!! Winter Love♪ • Light Pink Day Tripper • Poppin' Bubbles • Enchanted Party • Blooming♡Blooming • Pretty Pretty • MY SHOW TIME!• Tutu・Ballerina • Hello New World • Love Like Caramelize • Chica×Chica • Hey! • Growing for a dream • prism spiral • Trap of Love • Angel Snow • Glass Doll • Happiness on the same Earth • KIRA☆Power • New・Chocolate Case • Magical Time • Kira・pata・shining • Aurora Princess • Adult Mode • Precious • Wake up my music Dance in the rain • stranger alien • Trap of Love • Thrilling Dream • Move on now!And, for those close to Makybe Diva, it is easy to believe she has a mind of her own.That certainly seems the case at her home in the complex of the trainer Lee Freedman on Mornington Peninsula.

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But she also believes the horse will not let her big heart rule her head. It's just that she's at that stage that she's got to race or you get the feeling she will explode.