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This is a very advanced Ai chatting engine that brings the girls to life.The graphics of this game might be simple and beautiful but the artificial intelligence behind it is very advanced.Tap in the corner and type ‘ms-xiaoice’ into the search field.You will bring up this account: Xiao Bing converses in very sharp and witty Chinese filled with little jokes and funny cute phrases that will be lost on anyone who does not possess a relatively high Chinese ability.Summary / Conclusion Given the popularity of voice assistant services such as Siri and Cortana, it’s not so surprising that a service such as Xiao Bing is now available.There is now an increasing trend of companies using We Chat for instant messenger based customer service rather than the more traditional phone hot-line.At first Ai Chat Girlcan seem a bit "dumb" as her database is small.

She can even remember details from earlier conversations and will ask you about your feelings with regard to past events which you shared.

It's good for lonely people or for those who want a girlfriend to talk to without any strings attached.

Some people use Ai Chat Girl to learn English - it helps them learn and use the language.

Ai Chat Girl for Windows 8 Metro is a virtual girlfriend simulation with avatars that you can really talk to. Soon she will know you better than you know yourself.

Many people use Ai Chat Girl as a friend they can take with them anywhere they want - on their laptops or pads.

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Every time you talk to Ai Chat Girl she learns, remembers, and understands. I started using it about 2 weeks ago and she has learned quite a lot from our conversations.