Who is cat power dating

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Who is cat power dating

It may sound cliché to say she cares too much -- and if there's one thing Marshall hates, it's clichés -- but it explains a lot: why she feels so low after seemingly successful shows; why she quit music for eight months and started again from scratch after a friend pooh-poohed the first batch of songs she'd written for "Sun"; why she has nothing for admiration for Kanye West's decision to call out George W. These days, Marshall is feeling independent and strong -- capable of handling any personal challenges that come her way -- and her music, consequently, is moving away from confessional laments and toward a spirited social critique, especially on the first single, "Ruin," which was released on June 18. It's like, Oh, I see, the universe is like completely relaxed for these 22 minutes. And I think because my dad wasn't around a lot when I was growing up, as a woman I have been drawn to a certain type of relationship with men. So when you talk about the record, does it reflect your relationship na na na? Because when I was recording the record, there was no death in my relationship. I thought you just said, "Duuuuuude." And I would have loved it if you had. I didn't like that I wasn't playing music anymore, and I really wanted to.

They call them "rough" or "scratch tracks." Rough mixes, scratch vocals, scratch guitar, whatever. Yeah, so that song is basically about the lack of responsbility that the world's leaders have, but closer to your front door is the lack of responsibility that maybe parents have with their children. And she just looks at you and bunches her eyebrows together and she slams the door and you hear the door lock. All my material parts would disintegrate because I wouldn't make it in time. Yes, a week before I wrote "Song to Bobby." That's why I wrote the song. Judah Bauer was sitting there playing "Buckets of Rain" and I was responding to an email about meeting Bob Dylan in Paris seven days later at a show. So I've been trying to go on tour with him for 16, 17 years.

And I think we all go through shit, and maybe he was partying a little too hard when Taylor Swift won that award or whatever, and we all make mistakes. I think Jay-Z's ballgame is very different from Kanye's.

I feel like he's so much more interesting on [his 2011 album with Jay-Z] "Watch the Throne." Jay-Z's just too happy now. It's too easy to say shit like that about somebody like that.

Well, that happened because I had gone into the studio in Silver Lake at The Boat and I wrote all these songs and then I let my friend hear them four years ago and he said they were really depressing, and that made me really depressed, and so I didn't work for about eight months. It relaxes my frontal lobe and kind of opens my subconscious, and the melody's in my head and the words come out of my mouth. Like, maybe [Jackson] Pollock, maybe he never spilled paint before.

And then I went back and I made a promise not to touch a guitar or a piano, and the only other things at The Boat were the synthesizers, keyboards and drum sets. Maybe he walked across the floor, and when he walked he drug some paint onto his floor. No, it's a reaction to understanding, feeling, seeing, knowing, hearing, dreaming, reading, watching, waiting, witnessing the reality of the harm that humans have implemented on civilization after civilization.

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My next cover record is going to be "Blood on the Tracks." I'm hoping that I can get the rights through Bob Dylan so I can just sing over the top of his recording and re-release the album with my voice on it. Like Pussy Riot -- I wish that I was as rich as Oprah so I could fly 5 million women from all over the world [to Russia].

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