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By the 3rd millennium BC, the successor Liangzhu culture shows some influence from the Longshan-era cultures due to trade and commerce.

From the 9th century BC, two northern Yue peoples, the Gou-Wu and Yu-Yue, were increasingly influenced by their Chinese neighbours to their north.

Traditional accounts attribute the cultural change to Taibo, a Zhou prince who had self-exiled to the south.

The marshy lands of the south gave Gou-Wu and Yu-Yue unique characteristics.

In 512 BC, Wu launched a large expedition against the large state of Chu, based in the Middle Yangtze River.Zhao led the peasants to rise up against the much despised Qinshi Emperor.Unlike Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Zhao respected Yue customs, rallied their local rulers, and forced local chiefs to be controlled by central government administrators.Rickles backed into a laundry room where the dog released his grip, enabling Ms. The pit bull then broke through the door and attacked Ms.Rickles a third time, latching onto her left arm and breaking it in two places,' reads the suit as obtained by Courthouse News.

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A similar campaign in 506 succeeded in sacking the Chu capital Ying.