Why is dating so important

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Why is dating so important

Effects of attractiveness and social status on dating desire in heterosexual adolescents: An experimental study. doi:10.1007/s10508-009-9561-z Weeden, J., & Sabini, J.

In Dion et al.’s (1972) research, both attractive and moderately attractive individuals were viewed more positively than less attractive counterparts. Sex differences in mate preferences revisited: Do people know what they initially desire in a romantic partner? Matching for attractiveness in romantic partners and same-sex friends: A meta-analysis and theoretical critique.

and culturally isolated Tsimane’ people in the Bolivian rainforest.

i have a friend like you, who is very defensive about his "aloneness." Nobody actually cares if he has a girlfriend or not, except maybe his Mom.

For example, attractive individuals are expected to be happier and to have more rewarding life experiences than unattractive individuals (Dion et al., 1972; Griffin and Langlois, 2006).

This tendency to associate attractiveness with positive qualities occurs crossculturally (Shaffer et al., 2000; Zebrowitz et al., 2012).

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Similarly, in Griffin and Langlois’ (2006) research, a lack of attractiveness was associated with negative qualities, but only a moderate level of attractiveness was necessary to make one's associations positive. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 94(2), 245–264.

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